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Charlotte Iserbyt’s ‘The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America’

Here’s an amazing quote from Charlotte Iserbyt’s tome, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.

“Many quotes in this book point toward radical restructuring of the nation’s schools in ‘the noxious nineties’.The one entry this author believes best illustrates this plan and how it would be implemented throughout the remainder of the 20th century and into the 21st century is taken from Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies (Charles Scribner’s Sons: N.Y., 1934). This study was funded to the tune of $340,000 by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, quite a sum of money in 1934 dollars! Professor Harold Laski, the philosopher of British socialism, said of this report: ‘At bottom, and stripped of its carefully neutral phrases, the Report is an educational program for a Socialist America.’ An important and revealing excerpt from Conclusions and Recommendations follows:

‘The Commission was also driven to this broader conception of its task by the obvious fact that American civilization, in common with Western civilization, is passing through one of the great critical ages of history, is modifying its traditional faith in economic individualism [free enterprise], and is embarking upon vast experiments in social planning and control which call for large-scale cooperation on the part of the people…(pp. 1-2)
…Cumulative evidence supports the conclusion that in the United States and in other countries the age of ‘laissez-faire’ in economy and government is closing and that a new age of collectivism is emerging.’ (p. 16)”


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