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Eyes Wide Shut conspiracy debunked

EyesWideOpenI was sucked into Stanley Kubrick’s world at the submission of conspiracy and the addictive emotion it elicits.  Hints of the moon landing being faked embedded in The Shining.  Turning Eyes Wide Shut from its erotica dream novella origin to a discreet expose of illuminati ‘secrets;’ all at the response of saving his daughter from a cult’s wrath if not meeting their demands.  Zoom in on conspiracy two: Eyes Wide Shut — The conspiracy being that it serves as trojan horse of explicit illuminati exposure.  The circumstances surrounding this conspiracy seem to feed off one another.  At the same time, and in turn, they were far stretched from plausible reality.  After all, why would studio heads release the film if it compromised secrets of their alliances to the illuminati.  Wouldn’t THEY be the ones prosecuted and not the mere filmmaker?  Stanley didn’t pull the trigger distributing the film reels to over 10,000 theaters worldwide.

Enough reasoning, let’s consider a new vantage point.  New?  Hardly in relation to time but critically in terms of exclusion to the conspiracies published thus far.

The outspoken and rightfully so screenwriter, Frederic Raphael, wrote the blueprints of his interactions with Stanley.

Spoiler alert: The findings after reading his book are disheartening… as if a religion I subscribed to was proven to be a cult.

Frederic thought up / created the highly cited orgy scene in such a detailed, believable way, that Stanley himself demanded to know its basis, expressing serious fear that they’d both risk being in serious trouble if they exposed such secrets in their film without knowing for sure if it had been officially disclosed in permitted manner.

Although Raphael’s depiction of Kubrick begs the possibility of post traumatic stress disorder traits, I can’t believe that a man whose daughter’s wellness was threatened would silence their dilemma to friends/family/feds.  So, if anything, his behaviorisms of paranoia are a byproduct of his ‘genius’ essence fighting to preserve reputation amongst the masses or his ‘The Shining’ apollo moon landing hoax conspiracy bearing truth, which I doubt.

If anything, a more twisted conspiracy  can be hatched: Stanley Kubrick IS the ‘Alice’ character — her ‘MK ULTRA’ brainwashed character is a reflection of what he experienced after he faked the moon and released ‘The Shining.’  What else could have inspired him to shift gears to the erotica genre to service a novel focused around the separation of dreams vs reality?


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  1. Stan ⋅

    Check this film out. It is blacklisted by all major tv studios and has not been shown since it was released. Apparently one of the crew members of eyes wide shut said that Kubrick showed this film to the crew before shooting started (he wanted eyes wide shut to have the same feeling and suspense as it). You can watch the full film here on YouTube: The brotherhood of the bell (1970)

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