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Radiohead the ultimate new age band

The love for Radiohead was born when seeing the Paranoid Android music video for the first time on MTV.  My mom supported this and bought their OK COMPUTER album for me.  I listened to it over and over again non stop.  I grew obsessed.  Bought their previous two albums to see if it was even more of the same.  Bought their forthcoming albums.  Couldn’t get enough.  Still cant.

Upon doing several hours worth of research on new age studies for a project, multiple light bulbs clicked in my head.  I’m an advocate on human-invented language, lexicon and words limiting the full meaning of something and that holds true here.  New Age is simultaneous with cult according to my Christian upbringing.  Although I’m still a bit skeptical as to what the full truth is behind it, it gave me endless comfort and reshaped my mind.  It gave me an unruly means to view the world and life and everything under the sun in a more objective way than ever before.  I became calm.  I saw every moment in a linear time line happening at the same moment.  Time no longer exists to me as a result.  It makes everything more enjoyable and care free.

What I took from new age studies more than anything is the message of love and the discovery that our conscious recollection of historical events is only scratching the surface in terms of the full scope of occurrences to have taken place in our universe on a multidimensional level.  Furthermore, multidimensional enables me to better understand what and where Heaven and Hell are in relation to our dimension and our planet.    In essence, new age studies represent forbidden Christmas presents of knowledge that God / Jesus will reveal once we die.  We aren’t meant to know these nuggets of knowledge until then.  And Satan is the cool uncle your parents don’t want you hanging around that tells you jokes you aren’t supposed to hear.  Whether or not all the ‘new age’ secrets will prove truthful is not significant.  Who cares if it doesn’t all come true when your ‘life’ ends on earth?  The bottom line is that your creator might not want you to know certain things until that moment.  While I’m against living in fear, I do believe in a time of judgement.

Back to RADIOHEAD.  Here are songs by them that fit the cut of the new age movement:  I am listing three categories: Directly & Indirectly & Evolvement.  The indirectly are my subjective interpretations of songs that lean New Age.  Evolvement are songs that walk the pathway towards New Age progression.

Direction —

1) Pyramid song

2) Subterranean Homesick Alien (I know.. you’re saying that Thom Yorke already explained why he wrote this song and what it means.  Doesn’t matter)

Indirectly —

1) Feral

Evolvement —

1) Creep: Creep is about a social alien.  Someone who doesn’t feel as if they’re on the same frequency as other beings they grew up with.  Something isn’t right.  It’s off.  I feel like this album deals a lot of the theme of misplacement.  Another song screaming this theme is ‘Prove Yourself.’  The song title & song lyrics suggest one’s societal standards don’t seem to be important and after the machine wins and wins, “I’m better off dead.”  Thom raises the white flag and says “remove yourself,” as if the best solution for this system is to simply remove yourself and observe objectively in the after life.

Albums —

1) Pablo Honey: confusion album: Subjective Thom Yorke … Why the hell am I here?

2) The Bends: objective album looking down to earth

3) OK COMPUTER: part 2: objective album looking down to earth

4) KID A: alien album

5) AMNESIAC: Pyramid Song


7) IN RAINBOWS: Love songs

8) KING OF LIMBS: Ultimate ET album


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